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  • Analysis of the overall picture of the company

    Analysis of the overall picture of the company, chart the course of its business from the beginning of customer search, until the deal closing, after-sales service, and other stages, are analyzed very carefully. The previous stages require understanding each company's business steps, and how to speed up and automate these steps through an intelligent and flexible software system so that we can program the appropriate app that will help you complete your work, increase efficiency and productivity.

  • “The Simplest, The Most Successful”

    As we are experts, we choose the easiest way for the customer. Not only easier to use, but easier to apply and manage as well. There are a lot of tools that cause inconvenience to their users because of the intensity of usage instructions. “The Simplest, The Most Successful” is our logo in Kaizen. We choose the shortest way to accomplish the task, with an easy-to-use interface and flexible control. All apps that we apply are highly flexible according to customer requirements and desires.

  • Kaizen connects dots in Present

    In Kaizen we realize that you want to be strong in dispersion and to have one control center. So, all of our apps and software solutions, can be integrated into the same systems that you use to run your business with great flexibility.

  • Business Analysis

  • Appropriate Tools & Applications

  • Connecting Dots

What Does Kaizen Offer More?

Kaizen's services are not just ready-made packaged solutions, but if you have any idea of any App you want to be part of your business system, Kaizen's team has the ability to implement any app/project you want. They can do this with a professional and attractive user interface, to achieve Experience high UX usage, develop and support your business. Also, at Kaizen we understand the changing nature of needs over time. Your needs may evolve, and your requirements for the apps and tools you use may change. At Kaizen we recognize these changes - potential or proven – well. We always prepare with innovative solutions that are unconventional, which shorten the time of the client, and provide the effort and money to accomplish the requirements.


Archiving Services


100 GB (Premium)

100EGP / Monthly

100 GB (Professional)

200EGP / Monthly

3 Copies of each file
Only two copies
Full encryption
Automatic Archiving
Classify files automatically according to type and category
Record all upload and download operations in a database with the ability to search and filter
Different degrees of file access
Simple and unified interface
The possibility of using the application from different numbers of users at the same time
Create a different folders and Specify access to them
The ability to view files without downloading


APEX COLLECTION is a package that comes with Oracle Apex and is one of the most important features.


Using APEX ITEM and Dynamic Actions

APEX ITEM is a very powerful and easy-to-use package that comes with APEX.


Dynamic Magic Using DBMS_SQL

Dynamic SQL/PLSQL is considered one of the most advanced topics in Oracle PL/SQL


How Do You Run a Unit Test in Apex?

To facilitate the development of robust, error-free code, Apex supports the creation and execution of unit tests.


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