We all know that market's needs are increasing, especially databases. The need for databases does not stop, but it develops and requires more flexible experiences in dealing with challenges, and unique in bringing solutions. This is the Kaizen team.

What does kaizen mean?

In Japanese language, Kaizen word means "Continuous Improvement". It is not just a word, but a life philosophy of the Japanese people. This philosophy was founded by Taiichi Ohono after the defeat of Japan in World War II to be applied in governmental institutions and all private companies. This was done to help the Japanese people rise again. As we said, Kaizen means continuous improvement, by constantly working on a regular basis, without waste of energy, to build a rising and lasting height. So, we are Kaizen.

In Kaizen, we have the same principle. Our philosophy is to walk a step forward to accomplish an influential achievement. We could have Leadership by focusing on progress and continuous improvement. We believe that change takes time, but we also believe that this change will only happen if we are constantly improving.



APEX COLLECTION is a package that comes with Oracle Apex and is one of the most important features.


Using APEX ITEM and Dynamic Actions

APEX ITEM is a very powerful and easy-to-use package that comes with APEX.


Dynamic Magic Using DBMS_SQL

Dynamic SQL/PLSQL is considered one of the most advanced topics in Oracle PL/SQL


How Do You Run a Unit Test in Apex?

To facilitate the development of robust, error-free code, Apex supports the creation and execution of unit tests.


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